Fair Usage Policy



At MBS Hosting we believe to be upfront about what is included in our hosting packages and what is not. Please read through our T&Cs , Privacy Policy and Values & Code of Ethics to understand more about our policy on resource fair usage, community safety, security, inotes and account misuse. Please note that this quick overview below partains to MBS Web Hosting and MBS Managed WordPress Hosting accounts, and not VPS and/or Dedicated Servers. Furthermore, the below is just a quick summary, for full details please read all mentioned above.

CPU Usage : 200% 
Cores: 2
Dedicated Memory (PMEM): 2 GB (4 GB USA)
Read & Write: 5 Mbps (10 Mbps USA)
File Download Speed Limit: 1 GB
NPROC: 100
Entry Processes: 40
Cron Jobs:  Must not execute more than once every 30 minutes unless if specified by the script provider and will be niced to 15 or greater. 
Emails Per Hour: 200 (per hour)
Inodes: 250,000

Why The Limit?

Since MBS Web Hosting- and MBS WordPress Managed Hosting Accounts are sharing server resources, the overuse by one user can cause the server system resources to overwork and malfunction.  Email limits are a security measure against Spam. Since it would not be fair for all the other users to suffer due to the overuse of one user, we may temporarily have to suspend the account of the user that overuses their quota allowance.  If at any time any user’s data transfer rate affects other MBS Hosting users, we reserves the right to throttle the service causing such a problem.


Videos, Films, Movies, Etc.

We would recommend using free video platforms such as YouTube to keep your website running fast and secure. Video files are very heady, and can cause websites to run slow. 

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