Server 500 Error (Solutions)


Don’t despair just yet if you come across the uncanny and wellknown ‘Server 500 Error.’

Server Error (500 Error)

It’s pretty common, and can often be resolved easily if you know where the problem is.

A Server 500 Errors is not an error with your PC or Internet, but refers to the web site’s server. It often indicates that something on the side of the website’s server is not functioning or working with whatever you are trying to do.

Example, you just installed a new theme or plugin on your WordPress website, and all of a sudden you can’t save the page you are working on.

With a Server 500 Error you will need to find out what is causing the issue first of all, since it can be many reasons. Neither your web host nor you is to blame for this errors, since these errors are pretty common and can be caused for a variety of reasons. The only option is to troubleshoot and see when and how the error occurs.

Start by examining what the last things were that you were doing that could have caused the error to pop-up.

Plugin Memory Limit Exceeded: One or more plugins / apps that you are using on your website might be using more memory than is allowed. Change the quota yourself or contact your hosting provider to help you raise the limit if you do not have access.


  • Login to your cPanel
  • Search for PHP Editor

Bandwidth: If you have a limited amount of bandwith available per day for your hosting account, you might have exausted it for the day. Try again after 24-hours.

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